Take preparation more seriously.

Having attended and exhibited Stratos at the UK Brass Band Championships I was thrilled to be able to help so many players. Showing and demonstrating that there is an easier way.

Rehearsing band test pieces without preparation, is a like an athlete just turning up expecting to walk away with gold.

Great tip;¬† Using your mouth piece start buzzing into your tuner,if you don’t have a tuner buy one with a metronome. The one I use is a TM-50 combo tuner metronome made by Korg.

When you start using a tuner  to develop your buzz, be prepared to be disappointed as in the beginning the buzz starts as squirt and because of a mouth organ aperture in other words several holes the tuner will not know which note to register, in most cases there will be no note registered. Perseverance is what is required here, it does take time but after a few attempts you will start to get green and red lights showing tuneable activity.

To encourage the lips to form a smaller aperture, pull the cheeks forward and buzz. Ensure that your teeth are open.

After a clearer sound is heard its time to hear what the efforts sound like on your instrument.


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Also don’t forget there is an easier way- because Stratos really does ” Cushion the Blow’