wpb5c44796_06STRATOS is a new and unique embouchure system for ALL brass instruments. This high-quality practice aid is attached to your instrument while you play or practise. It helps you improve and adapt your embouchure and, by reducing mouthpiece pressure and ensuring a good jaw position, can help to solve many embouchure problems, as well as improving your power, range, tone, stamina and general ease of playing. STRATOS is supplied with a DVD showing how to use it to improve and adapt your embouchure.


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The STRATOS Embouchure System:

  • Is designed to fit all types / makes of instrument & mouthpieces
  • Is fully adjustable to suit both you and your instrument
  • Easy to attach and use – suits all styles and levels of playing
  • Designed and engineered to last you a lifetime of playing
  • Includes a short FREE Skype session so you get the full benefit from your STRATOS

STRATOS seeks to improve your whole approach to shaping an embouchure.  It takes away the need to ‘think’ about position and pressure, and allows you to concentrate on relaxing back into better and better performances. Better playing starts with a better embouchure. STRATOS cushions the blow.

” If you practice even briefly with the STRATOS in place, it’s astonishingly how quickly your muscle-memory stores the new position. Players develop new muscle-strength in the right places, and instead of exerting unnecessary pressure, you can actually relax into higher notes, and increase the volume without strain”.

The development of the STRATOS has taken over two years but the months of testing and refining have resulted in a high quality practice aid that is engineered to the highest standards.

STRATOS is designed and manufactured in the UK.

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