Stratos & The Trumpet Embouchure

stratos on trumpet mouthpieceSTRATOS is a new and unique trumpet embouchure training system. This high-quality practice aid is attached to your trumpet or cornet while you play or practise. It helps you improve and adapt your embouchure and, by reducing mouthpiece pressure and ensuring a good jaw position, can help to solve many embouchure problems, as well as improving your power, range, tone, stamina and general ease of playing. STRATOS is supplied with a DVD showing how to use it to improve and adapt your embouchure.

The STRATOS Embouchure Training System:

  • Is designed to fit all types / makes of trumpet & mouthpieces (& cornet or flugelhorn)
  • Is fully adjustable to suit both you and your instrument
  • Easy to attach and use – suits all styles and levels of playing
  • Designed and engineered to last you a lifetime of playing
  • Includes a short FREE Skype session so you get the full benefit from your STRATOS

STRATOS seeks to improve your whole approach to shaping an embouchure.  It takes away the need to ‘think’ about position and pressure, and allows you to concentrate on relaxing back into better and better performances. Better playing starts with a better embouchure. Music soars with STRATOS.

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Quick Embouchure Tips

Quick Tip #1: To ensure maximum efficiency from your valves, don’t slouch your fingers – always use the top joint in a claw fashion. With Stratos your fingers will find it hard to keep up with the speed of the new laser-like air stream

Quick Tip #2: Wedge your thumb in between the 1st and 2nd valves to help as a constant reminder of your new hand position (see above)

Quick Tip #3: To enable you to enjoy the increased airflow and sound the Stratos will give you, angle of the horn with the bell slightly up this will direct the air towards the backbore of the mouthpiece (disclaimer: I’m aware of the upstream/downstream methods) which will give you a more centred, sizzling tone!

Quick Tip #4: Don’t play twice – WHAT?!? – Play as though you are inflating an imaginary balloon fixed to the end of your bell. This method is less tiring, will give you more sonority and help you sound like the musician you want to be.

Bonus Tip: Remember, your lips are priceless… let Stratos look after them.