Stratos News October 2014

A delivery of new Stratos Systems It has been exciting times at Stratos HQ with the delivery of a box of shiny new Stratos Embouchure Systems (… well I got excited at least). These newer models incorporate a number of refinements in the design, but more importantly, they are the first batch that come supplied with a set of 4 of our new Easy-fit universal adaptors. With this innovation the Stratos system has become even more adaptable and will fit an even wider range of mouthpieces and instruments.

The delivery enabled us to fulfil some back orders, so if your Stratos was a little late arriving then my apologies and thank you so much for your patience and understanding. It also means that if you don’t already own a Stratos that I now have stock available for that little Christmas present that  you’ve been promising yourself !

Enjoy your music.