Brass Tuition / Embouchure Realignment

Brass Tuition

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Marcus Reynolds has over 35 years experience of teaching brass instrumentalists how to improve their playing, both in the local education and private sectors. Based in the East Midlands he teaches basic and advanced playing technique, general musicianship and embouchure development to players of all brass instruments. His skills and knowledge are much in demand with students travelling from all over the UK and from as far away as The Netherlands and Spain to receive intensive lessons over several days.

However it is not necessary to travel as Marcus also delivers his teaching online using Skype. Therefore you can benefit from Marcus’s experience and knowledge in the comfort of your own home wherever you live.

“… Marcus’s students find him a very passionate teacher, always trying to get the best out of them and solving their problems. He is often seen offering tips to players he doesn’t even teach such is his enthusiasm! …”

Marcus also runs Brass Workshops/Clinics or Group Lessons for bands or groups. These can be conducted at your practice hall or any other convenient venue. His workshop and lecture given at the British Trombone Society was described in “The Trombonist” magazine was described as “one of the highlights” of the two days at the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama.

To book a lesson or to enquire about a clinic – or just to find out more – please contact Marcus using the contact form on this site, or call +44 07815 504619.

Embouchure Realignment / Rescue

Building on his own experience following a serious stage accident and the development of the STRATOS Embouchure Training System, Marcus is able to help brass players develop or rescue their embouchure. This can include

  • Impartial Embouchure Assessment (either face to face or online)
  • Embouchure development or realignment to improve range, tone and power
  • Rescue of a collapsed or mis-firing embouchure
  • Treatment of more serious conditions e.g. Dystonia or “Musician’s Cramp”

as well as teaching good habits and techniques for playing and practice to avoid long term injury. His experience and knowledge of this area was recognised when he invited to a meeting of the British Association of Performing Arts Medicine (BAPAM) to discuss the benefits of using STRATOS to avoid mouth and lip injuries, and thereby aiding the longevity of a player’s career.

As with his Brass Teaching, Marcus offers these services over Skype and therefore you can discuss any playing issues, in confidence, from the privacy of your own home.

“… you are a genius Marcus (as well as the most patient man I have ever met).

My husband, at 83 years of age, thought his playing days were over. He could not hold a note for more than 2 beats before wobbling all over the place. BUT 3 lessons / 8 hours with you and the STRATOS and there is already a great improvement. His tone and range has improved immensely. So a huge thank you from both of us …”

To book an assessment or to discuss about how he may be able to help you – please contact Marcus using the contact form on this site, or call +44 07815 504619.