General advice

Come back to visit this page – I’ll be adding more tips and suggestions as time goes on. In the meantime, here are some ideas to help you.

1. Don’t play twice. Some players articulate each note with a new burst of air. Instead of blowing multiple times, blow once, keeping the airflow constant and use the tongue to determine the note length. Treat the air like a conveyor belt of sausages and the tongue acts to chop the length, ie crotchets and quavers. The air remains constant.

2. Keep the teeth apart. This allows the full force of your air to make the lips vibrate for a more resonant sound. Marcus uses a very durable soft plastic to act as a spacer to encourage students to maintain the space between their top and bottom teeth.

3. Form the embouchure from a whistle. This encourages you to direct the air directly forwards, not down, and brings the chin forward aligning the top and bottom teeth.

Keep posted for more tips or come to see Marcus for a lesson or at one of his workshops.