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Hello and welcome, my name is Marcus Reynolds and I am a  trombone soloist (a Rath Trombones signed artiste), brass instrumental tutor, British Association for Performing Arts Medicine (B.A.P.A.M.)  lecturer, creator of the unique Stratos Embouchure System for student and professional brass players.

Oh yes … and a newbie blogger. You can read my blog posts by clicking a link on the right hand side of this page >>>>>

Whilst I expect the odd technical glitch while I get my head around this WordPress stuff and also blogging in general, the plan is that my blog posts will cover all sorts of aspects of brass playing. This will include help and tips about how to get the most out of your playing and instrument, as well as covering new developments of the Stratos Embouchure System. I will also mention any concerts, lectures or demos that offer players a chance to see Stratos in action.