Age is not always the reason

As I travel around the world, doing clinics, brass conferences, ITG, British Trombone Society, Skypes, embouchure assessments etc, I am hearing more and more players  say this,

” I’m not the player I was”.

I’m sorry to tell you guys but its more failing technique and too much weight than it is age. Some of you have told me this and you are only in your late 30’s and early 40’s.

However having said that, where the age thing comes in, is the technique you used back then, that is starting to fail now.

Its the trajection.

Alignment through years of playing is starting to drift, muscle memory gets confused through when the lips get tired. Then compromises are made to get you through the gig.

Muscle memory is a funny thing, in as much that it will kick in with the performance method you used to compromise when you least expect it. Now you are heading for trouble. You then find you will compromise again.

Being lucky resurrection may be found, phew! No lasting damage done. Its like this, as I’m typing other words, are offered. If I maintain the wrong spelling often enough my motor memory will just type it. Almost without any pre thought. This, is what I have tried to explain happens, when the chops show signs of not performing “Like they Once Did”


A few simple techniques are all that is required.

My, ‘7 Golden Rules for brass players’ are proving very popular.

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